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Photo of engineer Jas Dubtician Jasmeet 'Dubtician' Singh
(Director // Mixing, Recording, Production, Community)

A FWD thinking, energetic and full on character who has grown up in Croydon since 1981. Jasmeet (Jas) is passionate about working with people based on the ethos of "it's about the attitude not the talent". He has experience of working with young people in music projects and finds it a very powerful tool in helping to increase their self-confidence and self esteem whilst building upon their transferable skills >>>

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Photo of engineer Chris 'Spaceman' Daw Chris Daw
(Head Engineer // Mixing, Recording, Production, Mastering)

Chris Daw is an engineer who lives music. A very skilled and talented up and coming producer in his own right, Chris also plays a number of musical instruments and loves to experiment with recording techniques whether it be for clients, friends or his own productions. With 'Spaceman' now landed at FWD Motion Studios Croydon and becoming the new head engineer, it's an exciting time for the studio, the team and clients old and new!!!

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Photo of engineer Philip 'Philly Driven' Bennett Philip 'Philly Driven' Bennett
(Mixing, Recording, Production, Filming/ Editing, Web Design)

Philly is a straight up lover of sound and audio, and is comfortable working on any style of music. Since a young age he has been involved in music as a DJ, promoter, producer and in the last few years worked hard to develop his skills as a very natural recording/ mix engineer. His production background is in Hip-Hop but he applies his musicality to countless genres. A central part of the FWD Motion team, Philly is busy getting together the first releases for his "Philly Driven" imprint and filming and editing videos for forthcoming releases for a number of artists. Phil is also offering low cost, high quality promo videos to up and coming artists >>> more info on the way!!!

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Photo of engineer Felipe De Paula Felipe De Paula
(Mixing, Recording, Live Sound, Location Recording)

Felipe is the Live Sound and Location Sound specialist of the team and plays a crucial role when it comes to the big recordings. A Graduate in Sound Engineering, music is his passion, and the smile you see on his photo is the same smile that can make the most stressful of situations in sessions seem a minor hiccup. He has recorded many a live band throughout the world and regularly travels with his craft. Felipe is most at home when working with live instruments, whether it be mic'ing them up and recording or going into the mix >>> Work with him once and trust, you'll never forget FWD Felipe!!!
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