|| 11/10/13 ||

On the 10th October, Director and life long Croydon resident Jasmeet Singh attended a local arts debate at the Croydon Unitarian Church where the aim was to take positive steps FWD to create a vision that will enable Croydoners, as a community, to develop a strong Arts culture throughout Croydon and unite those currently doing great work. As a result, a steering group will be formed and like minded passionate arts practitioners and enthusiasts are set to make some much needed changes. Keep an eye out for more developments in this area! For more information, visit the South Croydon Community Association’s website:

Croydon Arts Debate

|| 09/10/13 ||

We're looking FWD to welcoming Unconvention to the studio for the next 2 weeks. Some very exciting projects for the studio and the community are in the pipelines so watch this space. If you don't know about Unconvention and the great work they do, click the screenshot of their website below and have a look for yourselves!

Unconvention Website Screenshot